Let Nature Do The Work

Have you ever admired a beautiful piece of Mother Nature and instantly got a positive kick? Well, there’s a reason for it and it’s all to do with the frequency of your vibration.


EVERYTHING is made up of energy and EVERYTHING vibrates at different frequencies. It has been scientifically proven that the earth vibrates at a particular frequency called the Schuman Frequency-7.87hz.

We are known to have five main brainwaves. one of which is called the alpha brainwave. This is the brainwave we tune into when we unleash our creative side. It is the frequency we also vibrate at when we are in a calm and tranquil state. The alpha frequency is our natural state. The more time we spend in this state of mind the healthier and happier we will be. Staying for long periods of time out of this state has damaging impacts, not only on our mental health, but also on our immune system.

So, why is this alpha state so important? It so happens that the Earth’s Schuman frequency vibrates at exactly the same frequency as us when we are – fully engaged – in our alpha state. Not only does this show how connected we all are but that we should do as much as possible to remain in our alpha state.

Reconnecting with Nature

Nature is the easiest way to raise our vibrational energy. Only when we vibrate at this natural state can we take back our power and manifest positive things into our lives. Here are some easy practices you can have a go at doing on your next walk so you can gain that little boost of positivity.

1) Eye Spy

Every time you walk somewhere observe your surroundings. Spot one thing that you find beautiful and take a few seconds to really appreciate it. I always find this practice gives me a quick vibrational boost!

2) Spectacular Sounds

How often do you walk with your headphones in? You could of picked the most scenic walk but you’ll walk it blocking out the best track nature provides. Walk more without your headphones and take note of all the beautiful sounds you can hear. As I’m walking, I like to visualise the sounds I can hear entering my ears as gold light with the sole purpose of feeding my soul with positivity.

3) Barefoot Walking

Who needs shoes? Our ancestors walked barefooted, it is what connected them to the Earth. Yes it sounds crazy but when was the last time you put your feet on lush grass or even squelchy mud? If I’m being honest I haven’t yet braved the mud part. But, connecting with the Earth through your bare feet helps you tap in to the Earth’s frequency. So go for it!

4) Let it Flow!

Spend some time around fresh running water. Water is known to be one of those natural sounds that will aid you to fall into a meditative state. Who knew something with so much movement could bring welcomed stillness? So take a seat on a log or on the bank and dangle your feet in. Just take some time to be at peace and allow the water to distract you.

5) Trees are Terrific

We’ve all heard how nature can improve our mental health in general; however, trees rarely get a mention for their specific healing properties. We all know that trees have one main role, producing oxygen. But, it doesn’t just stop there taking a walk in a place, which has a high density of trees, has been scientifically proven to improve your health. A study was done in patients, who suffer from a variety of pulmonary diseases. They found that walking in a forest compared to an urban environment really helped to give their immune system a boost and ease some of their symptoms. Trees also help our heart, walking in the forest and connecting with these giants has shown to reduce your heart rate and cholesterol levels. Where I can, I will always try to take a walk in nature rather than the typical urban scene.

Tuning In

All these little things have really help me to get that little boost of positivity as and when I need it. As you raise your vibration, you’ll start to tune in more to when it is dropping. As you become more of aware of how you feel when you experience these different frequencies, you’ll also be able to implement quick practices to help keep your frequency right where it should be. When you feel your vibration dripping, do not panic and do not force it to change. Imagine these practices as a slow dripping tap, practising whatever works for you, will slowly bring your vibration back up throughout the day.

Practise makes perfect and just remember…

from Every Day Spirit!

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