From Panic to Power!

First of all, EVERYONE experiences anxiety. If you do your research our bodies used anxiety to save our lives. Yes, that’s right. Anxiety was a life saver, but nowadays anxiety has a much more negative stigma attached to it.

The chemical process, that causes our anxiety, dates right back to when we would of had to use our ‘flight or fight’ mechanisms. Which, was all well and good in the times we may have been running from lions. However, our bodies are still quite far behind and has not adapted when it comes to handling modern day problems. So everytime you have a work deadline your brain thinks ‘lion!’. In fact, every problem you face day to day your brain gives you the same chemical rush as if faced with a large predator. So it is no surprise that consequently anxiety can build up and get out of hand.

In this blog I shall be sharing some techniques I use to help me manage my anxiety. However, before I begin I would like you to ponder on this.

Who said anxiety had to be a negative experience? Why do we see anxiety as such a barrier? What if we changed our perception of anxiety and painted it in a positive light?

From positivelypresent

Having Faith

A friend once told me, ‘never spend more than five minutes worrying over something that will no longer effect you in 3 years!’

Why do we allow a whole day or more to be consumed with anxiety over mostly hypothetical worries? Most the time our anxiety is driven by worries we have fabricated. So quite simply replace this with faith.

Accept that you are feeling how you are feeling but ultimately know that ALL will be ok in the end. After all, what is meant for your highest good will be delivered to you. Frequently, whenever I feel anxiety settling in I will say to myself ‘That’s ok and ALL will be ok’. Why? Because most of the time it will be.

I also learnt this practice the hard way when losing my father. I had to go through one of the most devasting times of my life before realising that if I can survive that, no other day to day problem can ever come close.

So to summarise, give yourself more credit. Accept anxiety has a biological function and that ALL will be ok.

Hand Over Your Worries

This practice links to the first technique and something I use weekly. I will often hand over my concerns. This technique can also be adapted to religious beliefs too. Find a disused box, this could be a trinket box or a jewellery box etc. My box is something I’ve had since a child and to be honest never wanted to throw it away but equally couldn’t find a purpose for it. It is now my ‘Angel Box’; however you can call your box after whoever or whatever you like.

My designated angel box!

Once you’ve decided on a box, every time you can identify what worry is fuelling your anxiety just write it down. Scrunch up the piece of paper and hold it in your hands. I then take a deep breath and blow onto the piece of paper. I do this because I like to visualise the anxiety (which I’ve coloured green) leaving me and attaching itself to the piece of paper. I then simply place it in my angel box and say ‘Thank you for taking care of this for me’.

This technique helps us practise the art of letting go of things, which do not serve us. I tend to find this practice helps take the edge off the anxiety and gives me somewhere to place all the jumbled up energy. I will then revisit my angel box later in the week or so and read through the worries I have placed in there. You’ll be surprised at the things you had forgotten you were worried over. The worries, which are no longer current, I burn. This process helps to de clutter your box and consequently your mind.

To summarise, hand over your worries in which ever way positively impacts you and others around you.

Anxiety is Your Gift!

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to think over the questions I put to you earlier.

It’s been proven that our most intellectual thinkers have all had a heightened sensitivity to anxiety. Anxiety comes from things you have learnt over your life journey, therefore anxiety signposts wise souls.

Also, there was a scientific study on how those, who ‘suffer’ from anxiety, are less likely to be involved in lethal accidents. Why? Well because we react quicker and can foresee situations. So again I ask, who decided anxiety was barrier and something we suffer from?

We can eleviate this (social) pressure of how we see anxiety by accepting that it has a purpose and can actually help us achieve our true potential. This positive thought habits can help to liberate ourselves and take back our control and power.

I often will acknowledge my anxiety out loud in conversation, normally by making a bit of joke of it. By accepting that this how you’re feeling and making a conscious effort to say the word ‘anxiety’, we start to see it as a normal everyday feeling, which is all that it is.

To summarise, remember it is your choice to change your perception on how you view anxiety. Ultimately, anxiety means you are ALIVE what a thing to be grateful for.

‘Anxiety is your spark’ -Me

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