May The Quartz Be With You!

Before I get started I’d just like to mention that if you haven’t read my blog -‘My Crystal is My Rock’ then please do. It will give you that little bit of background information into how I started my journey with crystals.

For now…

I stated in my previous blog that the crystal chooses you. This is not always straight forward. There have been many times I’ve walked into various crystal shops or Instagram live sales and exited with nothing. My first piece of advice when looking at purchasing your first crystal is to never force it. If nothing catches your eye or draws you in, then it simply, isn’t the right time or place. You will find something at the right time and normally your gut instinct is always the right path to choose. I tend to go for the one that catches my eye straight away and ask the questions later-except how much it may possibly be. This leads me onto what I wanted to share with you next before I get into the different practices you can do, with your crystals, to help take back your power.

Be Hold…

Hands down my favourite place to purchase future members of my crystal family.

There are lots of physical shops and even more online shops to purchase your crystals from. But, my go to is ‘The Crystal Company’ simply because of how they are sourced and the beautiful variety you can find there. Not all companies are very transparent in how their crystals are sourced. Ultimately, you want crystals to help your positivity but you’ll find their energy comes tinged if they have not been ethically mined. The Crystal Company regularly posts on their story about where their crystals are sourced, including, pictures of their origin. You can guarantee buying from here, that not only, are they ethically mined but also: genuine, hand selected and of the highest quality.

Just some of the products from The Crystal Company.

The Crystal Company not only have a website (linked in the caption above) but also have an Instagram page. They host fantastic live sales, which suit all budgets and,as mentioned, the variety is second to none. It can be easy to get lost when confronted with such a beautiful selection of crystals but remember when choosing go with your gut. Happy crystal shopping!

Using Crystals to Take Back Your Power

1) Carry Your Crystal on You

The longer you spend with your crystal, the more you will feel it’s energy and benefits throughout the day. That being said, spending the day with the right crystal is also important. As you grow your crystal collection you will find different crystals catch your eye on different days. This is for a good reason, you see, each crystal has different healing properties. I spent a good few months with my first crystal-a Bumble Bee Jasper-before feeling the need to try a new variety of stone.

At the start of my mornings, I will place all my pocket-sized crystals in front of me. To myself I will say ‘Help me choose a crystal for my highest good’. Once I’ve done that, I then simply scan over the crystals I have. Normally one will appeal to me and that will be the crystal I will keep on me until I feel the need to change it.

Tips: Choose a colour to visualise negative energy and a colour to visualise positive energy. For me, negative energy is red and positive energy is blue. Every time you feel uneasy, down or anxious, hold your stone and visualise the crystal drawing out the negative energy and replacing it with the positive energy. This helps to put you in meditative state for a few minutes, slow your heart rate and encourages you to switch from a negative to a positive state.

I also like to research the crystal I chose at the end of the day. You’ll be surprised how closely matched the healing properties are to how you found you felt that day or even with what happened that day.

2) A Crystal Wall

From Little Box of Rocks

This next practice is all about setting boundaries in order to protect your inner energy.

This will work with one crystal just as well as a few. There are also different times of the day you can implement this practice. The main time I will set this up is either: during a soak in the tub, while reading, meditating or just watching TV.

Great to use if you’re ever having one of those days when you feel a little bit vulnerable or have had a rough day. Maybe some negative energy has latched onto you or you feel your inner tank is a little empty.

Quite simply set up your crystals around you (or if you have one crystal place it near you) with the intention of forming a barrier where no negative energy can enter. This not only helps set boundaries but also gives you a safe place to reset and recover. Make sure you really visualise the barrier your crystals are making around you for a few minutes. For me, I visualise a gold glittering veil, which will completely surround me almost like a curtain being drawn. There are no gaps and I even visualise the (red) negative energy bouncing of it. Once I’ve spent a few minutes setting this up I then carry on with what I was doing. Like I said this could be bathing, reading etc.

I really find that this practice just helps me to have some space, which I’ve specifically claimed, to recharge. Over time, you’ll notice the benefits.

3) Gratitude Rock!

This one I’m sharing from a favourite book I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne. Gratitude is the missing link for most people, who want to change patterns in their life. Gratitude makes you change the way you view situations in your life. I’ve spoken about gratitude in my previous blog; one way to implement this day-to-day is by having a gratitude rock.

Have a look at this video for a bit more information on how it works. A gratitude rock can be anything from one of your crystals or a stone you pick up on your walk. I tend to not use my gratitude rock at a set time, but it’s something I’ll often find myself holding, which prompts me to think of the things I am grateful for.

Mostly it is in the evenings, that I will pick up my gratitude crystal. While holding it, I scan through my day for all the positive things that have happened and then pick my most favourite thing that happened. In my head I’ll say ‘thank you’ while focusing on the event I’m being grateful for. I find this practice really helps me change how I view each day. Even if I feel I’ve had a negative day, by retracing, I’ve always surprised myself at how many little positive moments I can remember. I’ve just simply overlooked them due to my mindset and consequently would’ve gone to bed feeling negative, without that chance for reflection.

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